The Flaming Daleks Of The Doctor Who

The Flaming Daleks Of The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Will Be Simulcast Across The World

Flaming Daleks Of The Doctor Who

Time zones just get in the way sometimes. For one thing, they cause Doctor Who to is aired at different times all over the world. It’s a show that often depends on surprises and having it air earlier in any one location means that someone will probably post spoilers and leaks on the internet. Duh. To avoid that problem with the grand 50th anniversary special, broadcasters across the globe have agreed to simulcast it! From Radio Times:

Global broadcasters have agreed to simulcast the 3D special to avoid plot leaks or spoilers, meaning that if on the anniversary of Saturday 23 November, the episode was to be shown at 7 pm on BBC1, fans in LA would see it at 11 am while viewers in Sydney would be watching it at 6 am on Sunday.

The episode has apparently been sold to 200 countries which will make it the biggest global drama simulcast in history. I think it’s a smart and fun idea, and I can’t wait to watch Doctor Who with everyone around the world. I predict a social media explosion and tons of viewing parties.

Speaking of the 50th, the BBC recently shared some images from the episode and it looks as though there will be tons of Daleks to deal with – so you know, just another day for the Doctor.

Flaming Daleks Of The Doctor Who

Flaming Daleks Of The Doctor Who

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