The Future of Vaping: What to Expect?

More and more people are promoting an active lifestyle, the transition to “organic” (or “ecological”) food, the formation of the correct daily routine – that is, all kinds of healthy lifestyles in all its manifestations. In addition to a not too healthy diet and equally the wrong lifestyle, there is a bunch of small things that poison the existence of people.

In the 1990s, “tobacco workers” attempted to bring electronic cigarettes to the market, but the US Department of Health interfered in every way. A large number of patients were registered from organizations and simply inventors who offered different technologies, but they all differed from the one that has become popular now.

In 2008, some countries, as well as the World Health Organization, were concerned about the explosive growth of vaping devices’ popularity, such as vape mod (check this link), for example. There is no denying that vaping has been growing in popularity since. Despite all the problems with vaping that many people see, it’s definitely a safer alternative to actual smoking. That’s why such a large amount of the smoking population has been switching sides.

Firstly, nicotine, which is part of the fluids, is known to kill a horse. Secondly, as it was considered in the WHO, it is impossible to position electronic steam generators as a means to help stop smoking, because there is no evidence of it. Marketers went too far in that the advertisements reported on the safety and effectiveness of electric steam generators with reference to the WHO, which had never heard about this.

In any case, according to forecasts, the market volume of “electronic cigarettes” by 2025 will reach $ 47 billion against $ 10 billion at the beginning of 2017. The leaders in this segment will be … tobacco companies that are actively involved in the game. Today, more or less officially registered more than 460 brands of compositions for soaring and about 8 thousand flavors. This does not include self-made formulations and liquids of unknown origin.

Some experts draw an analogy between tobacco and vaping: both at the stage of active promotion are positioned as “harmless”. Others actively refute it: “Why do not you prohibit coffee? It also contains carcinogens and toxic substances. ”

Scientists at the New York University School of Medicine conducted research and found that the steam of electronic cigarettes contributes to DNA damage, which can cause cancer. Researchers believe that although the steam of mod vape contains fewer carcinogens than tobacco smoke, the risk of oncological diseases in vapers is still higher than those who do not smoke at all.

Of course, tobacco companies are thinking about their future, and therefore they are responding to global market changes. These changes are unfavorable for them: in most countries of the world, the number of smokers is decreasing. Russia is among the leaders in reducing cigarette consumption, but what is especially unpleasant for the tobacco industry, the reduction of tobacco smoking recently began in China, where 43% of all cigarettes produced in the world are consumed. The number of smokers is falling, including in the homeland of the Marlboro cowboy, where regular anti-tobacco measures are taken (in July 2017, the US authorities introduced a new requirement to reduce the nicotine content in cigarettes).

Nevertheless, practice shows that despite the anti-tobacco campaign in different countries of the world, the shares of tobacco companies in recent years feel very good.

Although the number of smokers is declining, prices for tobacco products are rising, including due to the introduction of anti-tobacco measures. Therefore, it is expected that the size of the tobacco market will continue to grow. However, this growth has slowed significantly compared with the recent past, and soon, sales of traditional cigarettes are at risk of declining.

The way out tobacco manufacturers found in vaping – smoking vape mod kits. It is expected that by 2021, sales of “electronic nicotine” will increase threefold, although ordinary tobacco will continue to occupy the lion’s share of the market for a very long time. This is very similar to the situation in the automotive industry, where leading manufacturers are actively developing the production of electric vehicles.

At the same time, the fact that the sale of ecig mods is much more profitable than the sale of traditional tobacco products is significant. Gross profit in the first case ranges from 27 to 36%, and in the second – only from 6 to 14%. The fact is that the sale of regular cigarettes is subject to significant taxes, while the devices for vaping are still relatively free from taxation.

Critics of vaping have always suspected that this was originally a project of the tobacco industry. Judging by Bloomberg’s analysis, it turns out that vapers are the last hope of big tobacco companies.
The strategy of tobacco companies concerning betting on “electronic cigarettes” is entirely justified. This is unfortunate because it means that tobacco control efforts will be less effective until vapor mods and similar appliances ban or regulate in the same way as regular cigarettes.

In the future, it can be expected that large tobacco companies will almost completely go into “electronics”, and if they succeed in doing this, their shares will again show an enviable growth, despite all the efforts of states to combat addictions.

According to the investment firm Wells Fargo Securities, in 10 years e-cigarettes can surpass the traditional in terms of sales. Not the fact that it will damage tobacco corporations. Each year, smokers spend $ 750 billion on cigarettes and give manufacturers a virtually unlimited resource to deal with future threats.

Since 2012, they began to buy independent e-cigarette manufacturers: Green Smoke, Nicocigs, Intellicig, CN Creative, blu eCigs. Sold his company Dragonite inventor Hon Lick. In parallel, tobacco companies invest in their own projects: R.J. Reynolds launches VUSE, Altria Group – MarkTen, British American Tobacco – Vype. Philip Morris has spent about $ 2 billion researching alternative smoking methods and is now preparing to sell the iQOS device in other countries after success in Japan.

According to the US Disease Control and Prevention Centers, quitting tobacco in favor of e-cig mods would be beneficial to public health, but it does not occur. 75% of vapers continue to smoke regular cigarettes. Worse, the sweet flavors of nicotine-containing liquids attract teens who have never tried tobacco. The data of the center says that in just one year the number of vapers among California schoolchildren has tripled.

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