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The gaming world can make the gamers the super maniac population. But for all of these, there is a need for a tougher learning as to which platform is the best one. So, if you really want to be updated, have a look at this.



The games that are available on the console version can be the best option to go with. The gaming industry can be a very profitable one.

The franchise is the grandfather of all the gaming industries that lay the foundations in a number of ways. This has also paved the way for the modern gaming strategies. The jumping game has been mad5e better with the charge-ups and also the designs.

One of the best one in this platform is the Mario which has become one of the best selling franchise that does not contain any cheesy material. These are much simpler and hence have become the most demanded one among people.  There is always something new that has been introduced in the platform to make it a different one from many others.



To date, the Super Mario has appeared in about 200 games series. For the console version, there are a number of games. All of the console version games come under the Nintendo Entertainment System. Some of the most famous games are Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, the Mario Bros, Pinball, Kong Classics, Yoshi to name a few. Though they are also available in the handle held formats and the Mobile versions, it is best to go with the console setups. The console versions have been a successful one for the last 30 years.

There are some of the most useful facts about the series.  The Super Mario games can be bought in the console formats that have been established in many forms like the Nintendo 2DS Scarlet red New Super Mario games, the Nintendo 3Ds consoles. Moreover, the Nintendo NES system has been one of the newest consoles that have been sold worldwide. So, the console versions of these games are a clear indication of the specialization in the video games that have become possible. Though the previous versions of the game were available with the personal computers, there are also some of the latest versions that are exclusively built for the consoles. The release patterns of the games that have come in the forms of the Virtual consoles is a greater part of the game release, moreover, the newest release has proved to become the emulation of the original one.


Latest Updates about the Super Mario Bros:

There are a number of updates regarding the game as reported by the Original Console games. The Super Mario Bros is quite a beautiful game that comes with different platforms like the Wii, Game Boy, Arcade and also many others. Also, the game is also available with many others like the Wii. The newest version that is the Super Mario Bros U is a version where the players can easily fly in the air and this is completely guided by the flying squirrel-like squits. There are also awesome of the newest multi-colored characters that look too attractive to give someone the best pleasures. They last for completely a good time span and act as a great shield for the enemies that come on their way. However, one needs to remember that the console version of playing the game on the Wii Console is a terrible experience.

There is always a need for the latest updates needed to stay hooked with the biggest games. So, for the comfort of the gamers, there are huge platforms available in the form of the news channels to always keep updating some of the latest news. One such channel is the Original Console Games. It has some of the most updated news one can go through like whether or not the Super Mario Bros are available with the XBOX except on the XBOX 360. There is also vital descriptions regarding the characters of the games in order to ease the players with the sports, these also give information about the other platforms that are available with the games.

There are some of the other articles that are dealt with in the Original Console games like the complete guide for playing the Super Mario games. This highlights whether playing on the PC or on the Console is a bright idea. There are also the updates about the game on the iPhone where exclusive articles on how good are the Super Mario Bros 2. The term “Flash Super Mario Bros” is still unknown to many. There are good articles to motivate the players the best by actually explaining the aspects of the game. It is quite known to everyone that the Super Mario Bros are being completely played at the single-player level and hardly Microsoft is focusing the idea of releasing it with the XBOX. So, there are accurate answers to the questions that are arising regarding the multiplayer platforms.

So we can analyze that how useful the website can be in terms of the updates it keeps by keeping in touch with the gaming industry. So, if you are seeking any help that will give one with plenty of ideas. moreover, one may also choose to keep in touch with the company on social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, and many others to always stay hooked to the channel.



This is a hot and debated topic of whether to play the newest games on laptops or PCs. However, this is beautifully dealt win the Original Console Games website.

Of course, it is a fact that gaming PCs are an added advantage. But, this is only till a limit. There is never a need for huge upgradations with the PCs. Moreover, the community iso Pc is the mature one. There is also an added advantage and that is that there is better access to the key components of the computers. But this may become a demerit when there is a regular need for the replacement of the parts. Moreover, the graphics quality of the PCs is quite great that keeps one glued to the game.

Playing on the console is quite easy because it comes with the span of generally 7 years at a stretch. So, it is quite easy to play the game with the customizations. When it comes to console setups, they are cheap with the initial prices and this happens especially when they are used. Moreover, the simplicity to use is greater and can be totally monitored with the power buttons. Moreover, these are the only components that can be used for huge times and are also comparatively a cheap option. The setups are always quite easy to be monitored.

With such updates that are totally focussed on making the gamers quite aware of the entire platform available with the games, it has become too easy to make aright choices with the platforms one needs to go with. So, choose a perfect platform and the games will really prove to be the most exciting ones.

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