The Giant Creature Featured in THE MANDALORIAN Season 3 Episode 2 Explained


The second episode of The Mandalorian Season 3 was definitely a thrilling ride for fans of the show. From the majestic landscapes of Mandalore to the fierce creatures that inhabit it, the episode had it all.

The storyline of the episode revolves around Din Djarin’s journey to the mines of Mandalore with Grogu in tow. The mission is to bathe in the Living Waters, which are said to wash away one’s transgressions and provide a clean slate. However, as expected, things don’t go as planned, and Din finds himself facing off against dangerous creatures, including being trapped in a cage.

The highlight of the episode comes when Bo-Katan comes to the rescue, diving into the water to save Din as he sinks to the bottom of the abyss. It is during this rescue that Bo-Katan comes across a mythical creature known as a Mythosaur, which is believed to have gone extinct a long time ago. The sight of the creature has fans speculating about what role it will play in the story moving forward.

The Mythosaur

The Mythosaur is a significant symbol for the Mandalorian people, as they were once ridden by Mandalore the Great and ancient Mandalorians. The creature’s skull is a symbol of strength and power, displayed proudly on the armor of Mandalorian warriors like Boba Fett. The fact that a Mythosaur has survived is a testament to its resilience and endurance, and fans are eager to see what impact it will have on the storyline of The Mandalorian.

The episode also references The Book of Boba Fett, where The Armorer tells Din that a Mythosaur rising would herald a “new age of Mandalore.” With the appearance of the creature in this episode, it seems that this prophecy might finally come to fruition.

Overall, the second episode of The Mandalorian Season 3 was a thrilling adventure that left fans eagerly anticipating what will happen next. The appearance of the Mythosaur was a significant moment that has fans speculating about the future of the show. It remains to be seen what role the creature will play in the story, but one thing is for sure, fans cannot wait to find out.

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