The Great OS War: It’s Android vs. Apple Pay

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With Apple Pay having been rolled out across a host of platforms and mediums, consumers are preparing for the next generation of payment solution. While Apple’s trail-blazing innovation may have been well-received, however, the rapid pace of evolution and the competitive nature of the technology sector mean that there is already competition on the market in the form of Android Pay. This is Google’s responses to Apple Pay, which has already been rolled out and integrated into the latest Talkmobile upgrade packages.

Android vs. Apple Pay: A Battle for Supremacy

Google is committed to rolling Android Pay out gradually, while this is also yet another battle in the all-consuming war between two technology giants. Google has also pledged to be aggressive when upgrading the solution over time, primarily by adding brand new features and improved functionality. In this respect, it aims to overtake Apple Pay by providing a more comprehensive suite of features and fluid transactions.

There is certainly a sense that Android Pay has an edge on its rival product, thanks primarily to the software expertise of Google and the brand’s ability to continually innovate. Android Pay is designed to work seamlessly with all NFC-enabled Android devices that run KitKat version 4.4 or above, for example, while it is already compatible with all mobile carriers and at every pay-ready location throughout the U.S. This will soon be continued throughout the UK, while an entire range of banks, features and stores locations set to be added now that Android Pay has been rolled out in the UK.


Android vs. Apple: Which Brand will win the battle of the payment Solutions?

While Apple’s iPhone sets the benchmark in the smartphone sector, the brand’s software capacity is not as advanced as Google. This means that the Android operating system offers better value at present than the much-vaunted iOS alternative, and this is certainly being reflected by the relative merits of Apple and Android Pay.

With this in mind, we can expect Android Pay to supersede its rival product in the coming months and establish its market dominance. This will also replace its slightly disappointing predecessor Google Wallet, which offered many of the same fundamental features without the same level of finesse, security and convenience. There is certainly no doubt that Apple is concerned by Android Pay and the growing popularity of the Google Play Store, and this is one battle that the former brand may be about to lose.

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