The Greatest Quest Rooms on Star Wars and Game of Thrones in Seattle

Star Wars and Game of Thrones

The best quest rooms based on Star Wars and The Game of Thrones

Quest Factor is a vibrant and exciting adventure that will help you spend time with friends energetically and intellectually. You will get a lot of new impressions and a mega opportunity to test yourself in something new. All because the excitement on people’s faces is our main task.

The hottest trend inactive game participation suggests you leave the real everyday world and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite films and TV shows. Believe us, this journey will be the most unforgettable in your life, because of our two best and incredibly crazy Escape rooms in Seattle based on Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Here goes!

Become the hero of the Game of Thrones and Star Wars

Game of Kings

The kingdoms are disunited, the forces of people are weak, and the dead are about to rise. You have an hour to change all this. It seems hard to do, but if together with the well up team, it should work out for sure. You bet, the Game of kings escape room in Seattle requires maximum attention to detail and history, which brings realism to a whole new level. Look for clues, solve puzzles, and reveal secrets. If you find all the artifacts, you will become the only and the real king, uniting all the kingdoms forever and ever, and the Great Night will be survived. In the name of humanity!

Space Wars

Imagine you are inside the space station and you have exactly 75 minutes to stop the grand space villain from destroying your planet once and for all. Think about your loved ones and millions more innocent victims, gather all your strength, ardor, and courage and – go! Space war escape room in Seattle provides you the most elaborate story and splendid decorations that will bring inexpressible effects. The interactive gaming experience will not leave anyone indifferent. So stop the enemy and don’t let the weapon shoot to destroy the earth. From now on, all mankind relies only on you. Ready?

The long-awaited worlds await you in Seattle

With Escape room in Seattle, you will get unique perceptions, fascinating experiences, and lasting memories. Quest Factor gives you a chance to try a physical adventure game, helps you to unite and recharge with overall excitement, and, of course, to become a victor.

Are you ready to become a hero in your favorite universes and smash down all opponents? So welcome to Quest Factor!

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