The HELLBOY Trailer Gets a Eerie Fan-Made Edit


The first trailer for Hellboy upcoming movie was released last week, and it wasn’t well received most of the fans was not impressed by the trailer at all.

Tim Gonzales came to save the day and recut the trailer to have an eerier and more brooding tone, and it really makes the movie much better! This is the trailer that would have gotten me happy and excited about the movie! The editor of the video said:

I’m a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy films, and was bummed out when Ron Perlman, despite his best efforts, was unable to get Hellboy 3 greenlit. When a Hellboy reboot was announced with Neil Marshall and David Harbour attached I was like, “well shit, as much as I love GDT and Perlman, I’m down.” The Descent is one of my favorite movies, and I love Harbour in Stranger Things.

What got me super excited was how Marshall hyped up that the film was going to be a hard R, leaning more towards the horror genre with a lot of gore and violence. With Marshall’s portfolio of films, yeah, my expectations were pretty high. I figured the reboot was going to be an “edgier” take. Darker. Gritty. Grounded. Yeah those buzzwords. Whatever. I was into it. But from the new trailer it looks like more of the same? Maybe my hype was misguided/misinformed. The action and creature design look spot-on though.

That said, I was motivated to cut the trailer footage into a “darker” teaser that’s less upbeat and more eerie to better reflect my initial excitement when the reboot was first announced. Hellboy fans, hope you enjoy this! Either way, let me know what you think of the edit in the comments below, and thanks for watching. If like this trailer, be sure to check out my other fan edits.

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