The Himalayas Are Visible Again In Parts Of India For The First Time In 30 Years

India is in lockdown and people living in some parts of India can actually see the Himalaya mountains clearly again for the first time in decades. This happened after the coronavirus quarantine decreased the level of pollution in the country and improved the air quality.

Locals in the Jalandhar district in Punjab in Northern India, around 125 miles from the mountains, are looking at the majestic view. One of the people praising the perfect view is Indian cricket player Harbhajan Singh, with other Twitter users sounding in how pollution is a severe problem in India.

One person even said that this was the first time they could see the Himalayas clearly in nearly 30 years.

Cricket player Harbhajan Singh was overjoyed that the drop in pollution made it possible to see the Himalayas from his home

Image credits: harbhajan_singh

Image credits: gauravbhanu89

This is the part of India where people have reported finally being able to see the Himalayas due to a drop in air pollution

Image credits: gull_1985

Image credits: Manu_Mehta_ind

One woman said that this is the first time in nearly 30 years that she could clearly see the Himalayas from her home

Image credits: KangManjit

Image credits: kash_education

Others living in Northern India also shared photos of the mountain range taken from their homes

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