The History of Game of Throne Actors

BuzzFeed has done an awesome run-down of where some of the actors from Game of Thrones were before they were the wonderful characters of the world we’ve come to love.

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There’s a few obvies – Ned (Sean Bean) was Boromir and Osha (Natalia Tena) was Tonks but there are a few ones that surprised me a little. Daenerys looks really weird blond. And I totally didn’t put together that Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) was from Stuart Alan Jones from Queer As Folk!

I think failing to mention that Jason Momoa was also from Stargate Atlantis and that Natalie Dormer was on the Tudors lets this post down a little. I mean at least that Jason Momoa was on Stargate, c’mon…

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A truly interesting one they’ve left out though was that Shae once was a German porn star. Nice step up Sibel Kekilli – though she did win a few awesome acting awards in Germany before jumping up to Game of Thrones.

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The History of Game of Throne Actors

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