THE HOBBIT Will Get Limited 48fps Theatrical Release

THE HOBBIT Will Get Limited 48fps Theatrical Release

One of the most exciting things about Peter Jackson‘s Hobbit movies is the fact that he shot the movies at a Higher Frame Rate (HFR) of 48fps. Jackson showed some of the footage of the movie in the 48fps format at CinemaCon, and it wasn’t sufficed with the best reception.

Warner Bros. has decided to give The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey HFR version a limited theatrical release. The release will come only select locations and might not even make it to all of the major cities. The main reason for this is because the studio “wants to protect the format… hoping to test the marketplace and expand the HFR release for the second and third installments.” Provided audiences like what they see.

Variety reports that people “who have seen much of the film in 48 frames-per-second 3D say the picture now looks vastly better than the test footage shown this April at CinemaCon, which had not yet undergone post-production polishing and got a mixed reception from exhibitors.”



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