The Iconic Spots of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden


Sydney has one of the most breathtaking sightseeings ever! The Royal Botanic Garden is one of them. This garden encapsulates the true beauty of nature, as it is home to historic plants and many significant flowers. Currently, it contains millions of species of plants that have been curated over many years. The Royal botanic garden is also one place that offers many impressive views of Sydney from various points. It is an exotic area that has also been a momentous place for many marriages, parties and various beautiful celebrations over time. The stunning views that this garden casts all over Sydney, makes it one of the best places to visit.

Here are some of its iconic views that make the Royal Botanic Garden a special place:

Harbour Hoopla

1. Harbour Hoopla

This is more like a celebration than a view. Many people come from all over Sydney to celebrate their New Year’s Eve at the Harbour Hoopla. The special thing about Harbour Hoopla ios that it overlooks the glorious Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. It is a tourist attraction that requires its viewers to purchase a ticket for it for the New Years’. The Harbour Hoopla is mainly established on the Tarpeian Precinct of the Royal Botanic Garden and is also one of the nearest positions for the firework show. The stunning views that it offers of both, the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are truly magical and mesmerizing, especially at night time. Like every year, the proceeds from the Harbour Hoopla Sydney New Years’ Eve 2019 tickets, also went to the conservation of the horticulture and methodical work of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Open to all age groups, this is one of the places that the entire family can enjoy together. The Harbour incorporates many shaded heritage trees, wide pastures, and flamboyant flowers and other wonderful views. It offers infinite exhibits of stunning backdrops of the Royal Botanic Garden.

Bennelong Lawn

2. Bennelong Lawn

This is one spot at the Royal Botanic garden that offers the most amount of comfort and beauty in one place. You can enjoy a family picnic in this beautiful setting that offers the view of many picturesque things. It is cushioned between the Government House and the Sydney Opera House and further lets you unwind on the lush green grass while soaking in the serene atmosphere. For New Years the Royal botanic garden also offers a spectacular celebration here called “Lawn With A View”. As the Bennelong Lawn is situated right above the Opera House’s frontcourt, the sheltered harbor side position gives you the perfect view of the fireworks that happen at midnight. This festivity also includes a delicious picnic hamper for the families to enjoy and celebrate the new years. The Bennelong Lawn can also be rented out for any type of event that you want to do. Hosting events and parties with outstanding views is truly one of the most mesmerizing sites ever. Beautiful gardens and Sydney’s best view complement each other.

The Calyx

3. The Calyx

The Calyx is the hub of activity and also home to many plants and floral exhibits. It is located in the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden. This is a sublime garden that captures the purity and essence of the landscape most compulsively ever. With a hint of luxurious settings, the overall backdrop for the Calyx is set to give you the feel of royalty while spending your time most peacefully. You can take a peaceful walk through the gardens to reach an exclusive harborside viewing area that comes in very handy especially at New Year celebrations. It is commonly said that no visit to the Royal Botanic Garden is complete without the visit to the Calyx. It also has a cute little restaurant located nearby that make it the complete place to relax and spend time with your loved ones. The gorgeous view of the bridge truly uplifts your mood and spirit like nothing before. You can spend hours walking through the Calyx and each time you will spot something completely new and distinct than before.

Mrs. Macquarie's Chair

4. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

This is one spot in the Royal Botanic Garden that holds great amounts of history. There is a chair or more of a bench that is known as Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. This was made of stonework in the initial 1800s for the lady Elizabeth who was Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s wife. Today this spot holds its true heritage as it looks upon the harbor and obliges a similar purpose now for visitors. It might not be a place that is as vast and glamorous as the other spots in the Royal Botanic Garden. However, this is one place that holds its saga, which makes it meaningful in its manner. Mrs. Macquarie’s chair captures the charming view of both the Fort Denison and the Navy vessels in the most spellbinding style. The rocky cliff also poses to be a great place for visitors to capture some shots of the beauty of Sydney in its brilliance. Perched on top of a headland, the chair gives a remarkable 180-degree outlook of the harbor. It may be small but it is one spot that is worth the visit to the Royal Botanic Garden.

The Fleet Steps

5. The Fleet Steps

This is one spot in the Royal Botanic Garden that truly is one of the most impressive ones. It not only offers supreme views of the Sydney Harbour and the Opera House but also captures the glory of the city skyline in great depth. These views are then consolidated by the historic Fleet Steps that are simply superb. It offers panoramic views that breathe life into the beauty of Sydney and make it appear much more real. The waterside that runs along with the glorious Fleet steps makes it both exclusive and beautiful at the same time. There is a spectacular celebration called “Midnight At The Oasis” that is held each year at the Fleet Steps for New Year’s Eve. It has a very nice feel to it that provides to be the perfect backdrop for birthdays, gala dinners, and other important events also. With a capacity of up to 800 people, you can now plan your special events here that provide you with the best views ever.

All these spots at the Royal Botanic Garden serve to be one of the most iconic ones in the entire Sydney. Each of them provides visitors with a view that is matchless and distinct. You can spend time here while taking in your surroundings in the most transcendent manner. This is one place that should be on the checklist of anyone who wants to visit Sydney and experience nature’s beauty in the purest form.






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