The Ideas Behind THE INCREDIBLES 2 Teased By Brad Bird


The Incredibles 2 was officially announced last year and Brad Bird is coming back to write and direct it. ComingSoon just had the chance to speak with Brad Bird briefly about the genesis of the THE INCREDIBLES 2 and how he needed to work on other things before he could come back and revisit those characters:

“I had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to put in ‘The Incredibles,’ but they just didn’t fit. Certain ideas fit, but other things make you go, ‘This is great, but I’d have to give up two other things that matter more to me to get this other thing in.’ So there were a pile of ideas left over from ‘The Incredibles,’ but it’s not a big thing. There were little scenes and things that I was interested in. I wanted to come up with sort of an over-arching idea that connected to the first film that went somewhere different. That’s the one that took a little more time.”

“I don’t think I could have made this movie right away,” Bird explained when asked if the past ten years had changed his point of view on the characters at all. “Nor would I want to. I always want to break things up with something else. I know some directors who have done a movie and then, the very next thing they do is the sequel to that movie. Unless it’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and it was always conceived of us doing it that way, I will always want to break it up with something else and then come back to it. That said, I’m really looking forward to playing with this playset again.”

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