The Insane Nicholas Cage Cameo You’ve Never Seen From a 1989 Movie NEVER ON A TUESDAY

Nicholas Cage

I never saw this crazy looking 1989 movie Never On a Tuesday, and odds are a lot of you have never seen it either. Well, the movie have a 40-second Nicholas Cage cameo and it’s simply one of the craziest roles Cage has played.

He plays a total weirdo with an enormous fake nose driving around in a Ferrari. When talking about how the character actually happened, the director of the movie, Adam Rifkin, explained to EW:

“The way it worked with Nicolas Cage is, he was given free rein to do whatever he wanted. That was the caveat. He said he’d do it if he could do whatever he wanted. So, he came, with a big rubber nose, that he wanted applied, and he wanted to play this insane character, which we thought was hilarious.

“Now, there’s an uncut version of his scene that needs to be unearthed, from somewhere, where he says way more crazy things. That is not the version that ended up in the final film, sadly. But, now, I wish we could find it, because it’s really really bizarre. But that’s the story of how his character ended up in the film and became such a weird character.”

Watch the clip of Cage that made it into the movie below and tells us what do you think about it?

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