The International 10 Goes to Romania – is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Epic with the main Dota 2 tournament continues. Initially, TheInternational 10 was postponed for a year, like many other bigsports competitions (the Olympics, the European Championship, etc). However, in the other disciplines, competitions were hosted, according to the new rules, and with minimum problems but TheInternational was on the brink of cancelation again. It will nottake place in Sweden – the country’s authorities refused Valve toorganize the tournament. The company took a short pause andannounced in a few days: TI10 will go to Bucharest!

However, many esports specialists state that it is too early tocelebrate. First of all, the dates have already been moved to themiddle of October and then, there can only be the postponement to2022. Secondly, there is a risk that Romania might suffer from the new coronavirus strain in October – the delta variant and the country will be locked down.

However, we now believe in the best and offer you to read about the other venues for The International 10, which were considered together with Bucharest.


The European Union

The most popular version is that Valve will not move the eventto the other region. It is logical because many organizations andviewers have already planned their trip to Europe. Some of the teams continue practicing in the European region, which adds arguments in favor of this version.

Two countries were considered to be the most possible candidatesto host TI:

  • Germany

The German Football Association has already responded positivelyto the opportunity to host the tournament. This sport is recognized at the country level, which makes the situation with visas easier. And it will be very symbolic to organize the anniversary of the TheInternational in Cologne as it was held in 2010.

Denmark is even considered to be the esports capital. Thegovernment of the country treats virtual sports well and there iseverything needed for the event. Besides, Copenhagen is close toStockholm and can boast of hosting a successful mass event duringthe pandemic. We are talking about “Euro 2020”.


Eastern Europe

Ukraine and Russian also have good chances to organize this event. Both countries are not far from the European region andlocal organizers have already demonstrated their desire to carry out the tournament. Epic Esports Events held Epicenter, which was a part of the DPC season, a few times. The situation with thecoronavirus in Moscow, which has become significantly worse, is the only thing that can prevent the organizing of the event.

The Ukrainian company WePlay has recently hosted AniMajor in Kyiv and managed to prove itself well in holding the other events, also, the situation with COVID has become way better in Ukraine due to the increased rate of vaccination.



Even if all options among the European countries do not work, the tournament will be able to move to Asia. There were a lot of oflarge competitions in the last few years, including the first Majorof the season, which took place in Singapore.

Besides Singapore, Kuala-Lumpur and Manila are among the cities of Southeast Asia, which can meet all the requirements. In the end, TI can be hosted in China once again. Dota 2 is very popular thereand, for example, Perfect World could organize the competitiontogether with the government. By the way, matches of the first DPCdivision of China were carried out in the LAN format.

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