The Last Cosplay Show of 2020


In any other year, this would be the time where we’d only just be ramping up our cosplay event coverage as we approached shows like Anime Expo and Comic-Con, but in this year 2020, where everything is bad news. I

Even when/if some restrictions on public places are lifted around the world later this year, that’ll be for smaller venues like restaurants, bars, and stores. We’re not going to be seeing thousands of fans pressing shoulders in convention centers for a foreseeable future.

From February 27 – March 1, 2020, though, PAX East was still held in Boston, and loads of people turned up and did their thing. So amidst all the sadness of canceled shows, maybe today we can look back one more time in a strange world and enjoy some marvelous cosplay.

This coverage was a joint effort between Dave Yang and Mineralblu.

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