The Last of Us HBO Trailer Revealed Cast and Locations

The Last of Us

HBO has released a new trailer for The Last of Us TV show, or rather “the” trailer for the show.

The new trailer does feature all-new footage though, which is nice. It begins with Ellie (Bella Ramsey) asking Joel (Pedro Pascal) what keeps him going if he doesn’t have hope, to which he offers a heartwarming reply about family before asserting that Ellie is not family, just “cargo.”

The trailer outlines the pair’s mission to go west in the hopes that they can develop a cure to the setting’s zombie fungal infection out of Ellie’s unique immunity, all while side characters stress just how nasty and scary a journey it’s going to be.

The trailer then cuts to a montage of scenes set to “Take On Me” by A-ha, only with some lonely piano notes and radio static to give it pathos. It’s still a good trailer, don’t get me wrong, but the government needs to interfere and call a moratorium on sad, ironic pop music in trailers.

Highlights come with a dope-looking abandoned mall, finished with a recreation of the photo booth scene with Riley from Last of Us’s expansion, Left Behind. We also got some shots of shaggy, gun-toting, post-apocalyptic Nick Offerman as Bill, which is always welcome.

HBO’s The Last of Us premiers on January 15.

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