The Man Who Wear Jewelry is Not Normal

There are always people who think that jewelry is a favorite of women, and men are just lovers of custom name necklace cheap and payers. Women have a tendency to wear jewelry, which is not wrong. Because beauty is a woman’s nature, beautiful jewelry is the secret of a woman to enhance her charm. How to keep yourself in front of everyone is an important thing for women to consider in addition to eating and sleeping. Therefore, women are passionate about jewelry from the heart.

But jewelry is not exclusive to women, and men need jewelry. For women, the infinity name necklace is the most loved treasure of life, but for men, it may be more like an identification code that is indispensable for success. Wearing jewelry is a kind of personal taste and style expression.

Do you know? The earliest gems were used as money, and they also represented the power and status of men. The earliest use of the gem setting process was to inlay the gemstone on the weapon and reward it to the bravest warrior. Gemstones represent strong and determined men and are the embodiment of men.

The most important thing for a man to wear jewelry is to reflect the taste, personality, status, and power. Then, the colorful gemstone ring, the buddha name bracelet, the buddha pendant is essential.


Colorful gemstone ring

The colorful gemstone ring that men should wear includes precious emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and ordinary tourmalines, tanzanites, etc. The different wearing methods of the rings also reflect the different personalities of men:

Thumb: According to ancient Roman literature, wearing a monogram ring on this finger can help you achieve your wish and move towards success.

Index finger: A finger indicating the direction. Wearing a ring on this finger will make the personality become cheerful and independent, and it is most suitable for people who are engaged in a free career.

Middle finger: Next to the ring finger, the finger that is most suitable for wearing a wedding ring. The initial ring is worn on it to create a free and hearty atmosphere, which can make you inspire and become more attractive and heterosexual.

Ring finger: Since the ancient Roman era, it has been customary to wear a wedding ring on it. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart and is best suited to publish a sacred vow. There is an important acupuncture point on the ring finger, and the ring can be used to moderately press the muscles, which has the effect of calming emotions.

Little finger: The little finger conveys a message that is tempting and sexy. The ring is worn on it and there will be unexpected things happening. It is especially recommended for intuition-minded, fashion-related workers.

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