The Mandalorian Will Come Back in Fall 2020

the mandalorian

It’s not a huge surprise to anyone that a second season of The Mandalorian is in works. But when it will release? Well, it looks like it will be about a year from now. Series head Jon Favreau has verified that the follow-up season will air on Disney+ in the fall of 2020, or about a year after the Star Wars live-action series started.

He’s not saying what it will be all about of course, but this will be excellent news to anyone who enjoyed the series and needs more their new beloved bounty hunter.

It’s not surprising that Disney would give a go-ahead to another season. Even though expectations weren’t great before The Mandalorian’s release, it has fast become a fan favorite and the marquee show for Disney+. After 3 sub-par movies, they certainly captured what fans want from Star Wars. In fact, Disney struggled to offer merch after being caught off-guard.

And while Disney is increasing its streaming originals, the list of content is currently thin enough that shows like Mandalorian could be essential to keeping people coming back. And that’s how the streaming service will become bigger. It will be exciting to see where they take things in the new upcoming season 2. I cannot wait for season 2 of space adventure.

Source Engadget


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