The Meta Quest Pro VR and Mixed Reality Headset Has Been Unveiled

Meta Quest Pro VR

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled the Meta Quest Pro VR and mixed reality headset. The big reveal came during Meta’s annual Connect conference, and the headset will be available on October 25th for $1,500, and it will give users a way to interact with virtual creations overlaid onto a full-color view of the physical world around them.

This takes VR headsets to a new level with its unique upgrades. That includes outward-facing cameras that capture a 3D Livestream of the physical environment around the person wearing it, “enabling mixed reality novelties like the ability to hang a virtual painting on a real-world wall or have a virtual ball bounce off a real table.”

Meta Quest Pro VR

The Quest Pro is also lighter than previously release VR sets, with thin pancake lenses and a resettled battery that sits at the back of the headset, distributing its weight more evenly while lowering overall bulk.

For completely immersive virtual reality, “Meta has added tracking sensors to the Quest Pro that can replicate users’ eye movements and facial expressions, creating a sense that avatars are making eye contact,” which is pretty awesome!

The Quest Pro’s motion controllers have also gotten a major redesign and they each feature numerous cameras capable of tracking their motion in 3D space all on their own, just like the headset does.

Meta Quest Pro VR

The company is still working on a mixed reality experience for its Horizon Workrooms app that would make a person’s avatar appear to be present in a real-world conference room with other users, which it is calling Magic Rooms.

The Quest Pro is being pitched as a productivity device, aimed at designers, architects, and other creative professionals. The company has also made virtual versions of Microsoft work products like Word, Outlook, and Teams available.

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