The Most Dullest Halloween Costumes From Japan

Dullest Halloween Costumes

This contest is called “Jimi Halloween”, with jimi meaning “mundane,” “plain,” or “subdued.” As Spoon & Tamago points out, this annual event was begun by website Daily Portal Z back in 2014 by people who felt that traditional Halloween costumes were too over-the-top and they wanted to mellow it down, and so they did.

Someone who cannot get a seat at the food court in the mall.

The costume of a person wearing black clothing that has played with a cat.

This woman is dressed as a person who is taking a photo of a meal.

The person who cleans the escalator’s handrail.

Someone about to win Old Maid.

This man is dressed as a right-handed person.

A person who is drinking a hot beverage.

A studio assistant to a photographer taking children’s photos.

A person who has just purchased an umbrella the moment it stops raining.

When you get close to winning bingo, but don’t.

A guy who can’t find where his seat is at the baseball stadium.

Face-swapping your face with a Starbucks cup.

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