The Power of Teaching: Why 2023 is the Year to Make a Difference in Students’ Lives


Many people have contemplated becoming teachers at some point. There have been more than a few of them in the past who children view as role models. And taking on the same profession as their role model is a common consideration. While some may disenchant with the idea as they advance through school, others may develop a genuine passion for it.

However, most people find it challenging to decide which career to pursue due to competing interests, talents, and earning potential. In the following sections of this post, you’ll learn why you should consider teaching as a career in 2023 and beyond, even if you have only briefly considered it. So, let’s get started. 


Life-Changing and Overly Caring

The impact of teaching on the life of a child is often profound. Most days, you spend more time with children than your parents do. Children look up to you as a role model and mimic your actions. Your work often involves getting to know their families, too, so you know which children need social services, and you can refer them. You might help a student who needs guidance in choosing a college based on world university rankings and experience. Besides getting honest opinions from others, they get first-hand advice from someone who went through the same process.

Despite this, making a difference in the lives of children requires a great deal of dedication and hard work. An educator’s job can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Your relationship with other people’s children lasts longer than your relationship with your own. The children’s needs and emotions in your class are hard to ignore as you go home. Do you remember that teacher who never smiled, seemed unhappy and was only pleased with the children who got top grades? Maybe they chose the wrong profession or were passionate about teaching but burned out due to caring too much.


Job Security and Satisfaction

Teachers have relatively high job security and satisfaction levels compared to other occupations, which many other professions lack. Based on a study by the National Center for Education Statistics, 90% of public school teachers in the US are satisfied with their careers as teachers.

In this study, teachers did not cite reasons for their high satisfaction levels, but anecdotal evidence suggests that they are satisfied with bonding and helping their students. It may also come from the knowledge that teaching has a demonstrable impact on the future and a sense of pride in the task.


Opportunities for Continuous Learning

Many educators view teaching as a lifelong learning process. Students and teachers learn from one another. Teachers learn how to create intellectually appropriate and creative ways for their students to achieve their academic goals by observing their progress, which can motivate them to become teachers.

Teachers also learn how to stimulate students’ curiosity by developing techniques that tap into their diverse abilities. Furthermore, teachers must understand the subject well before expecting their students to understand it.


Keeping Monotony at Bay

It is common these days for people to complain about their jobs being monotonous, with the same type of work occurring every day. The lack of work can also lead to boredom for office workers, especially if they do not have enough to do during the day. For instance, accountants will still be in front of their computers, staring at spreadsheet numbers, no matter which client they work on weekly.

Such problems don’t exist among teachers. They often find themselves on their toes when working with children, as their unique way of understanding the concepts presented to them keeps them on their toes. The children build upon their prior knowledge daily as they learn new things. Although they attend meetings and conferences, students are always at the center of their work.

Although teaching is certainly not a profession for everyone, it may be worth considering it in 2023 if the above appeals to you. You can check your locality’s teacher certification requirements. Besides, alternative paths are often available to become a teacher for those past college ages. With dedication, you can build a fulfilling and successful career.

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