The Prevalence of a Game Cheat in Most PC Games


Playing a quite competitive PC game may mean that you have probably met a cheater at least once. Whether the bullet is “too accurate”, something is off about the player teleporting around maps at any time they want, or the opposition knows the best angles every single time that you are peeking for them. Most of the developers are fighting against these cheats, but some players will still find a clever way to apply them.

Sometimes, an MMORPG is just so time-consuming. It costs a lot of money and time for you to improve. There is no way to fight against the big sharks, and you are stuck farming at lower levels and getting little on a hard day’s work. This is where a trainer download may be applicable for you. This is software that lets you get the most out of your games.

Cheating is Not Uncommon

The developers of the more popular games like Destiny 2, PUBG, and Call of Duty understandably do not want their players to inject trainers or use third-party applications that will change the game modes. This is not a new phenomenon, and one of the fastest-growing games on Twitch, like Valorant, has several problems with these cheats.

Cheat codes, software, and hacks are not new. Most of the aimbots will lock on the opponents’ heads, which will trigger the guns to fire almost immediately. The result is winning the bottle with little work and ease.

The wall hacks are there so that players will have map exposures and know the location of others. They have a considerable advantage and vantage points when you are about to turn into a corner or push a point in peer-to-peer gaming arenas. Some issues may include lag switching that allows the cheaters to falter in a map and make it challenging to hit others.

Wallhacks and aimbots are just some of the most popular in the world of shooters. Read more about aimbots on this site. Those with lower skill levels will finally have a massive advantage over other players. Some are the more obvious types where the players fly around maps, fire guns faster than everyone, and make impossible speeds at firing. The other ones are the less obvious, where they can go undetected for months.

There is a community that may create software cheats and sells scripts for various games out there. The developers and communities may often play cat and mouse matches where one is trying to outdo the other. The providers of the cheats make sure that they are not caught, so they make updates on the mods and scripts from time to time.

Cheaters who want to get ahead may buy tools that are similar to malware. They are injecting a specific game with specialized codes to change the overall mode for their advantage. Most of the tools are getting increasingly complex as time goes by. The whole underground forums and communities are now dedicated to ensuring that wallhacks and aimbots remain undetected for years. These all come with a subscription fee every month.

In an investigation done back in 2014, it was discovered that the trainers had amassed millions of dollars every year, and some developers are getting hundreds every month. They claim to sell these cheats for a fee, and many players have more than willingly bought these.

The intensity of the cat and mouse game has been apparent in the pandemic. This is where giant companies like Steam had broken its all-time user records of catching many users in the past few months. Some of the perfect platforms where most players find these cheats and play games are Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone. These are alongside the other existing games that involve battle royales. How the developers are combating these are becoming more controversial and unique.


What Happens with the Ones with the Trainers?

Suspected cheaters are fighting against each other in a bottle of aimbots and wallhacks, and everything is more sophisticated than ever. Know that when you are caught using a third-party cheat, you may get banned since some are getting into the zero-tolerance zones for cheating. Most of the makers of Apex Legends are already struggling with almost 350,000 cheaters each year, and many hackers are thrown into the mix trying to bypass the hardware ID bans.

There is also a similar response given by PUBG, where they spent several months addressing their players using third-party apps to get ahead. Most of these actions may focus on blocking user IDs that are proven to have used the trainers. There is as well an improvement in code to protect against future manipulations, but many admit that the cheat developers are also adapting to the extra measures. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to counter the massive number of players who want to get ahead in the game.

Others like Destiny 2 and Overwatch are also seeing competitive games become more riddled with cheaters and it does plenty of imbalance. It’s about 50% when these games are free to play.

Developers like Bungie have addressed these problems with posts where the community is angry when others bypass their hard work and time. With just a third-party program that is meant to disrupt everything to their advantage, many have taken notice, and they don’t find this funny any longer. Some are live streaming how they do things, but they are quickly banned.

There is also the detection of Pentagon and Xion tools for aimbots in Overwatch, and the developers are already planning for their next patches to eradicate them. Most of the community members are now the virtual sheriffs themselves. They infiltrate Discord servers and cheating networks to know about the latest hacks to shut them down. This is a hobby that is involved in the ongoing battle to prevent everything from spiraling down.

Many games are usually free to play, most can create a new account if the old one was banned. With the increasing difficulties of these battle royale games, it is just easy to just straight into the game with an advantage and miss out on all the hard work.


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