The Purge Movies Timeline in Chronological Order


The movie franchise is created by writer/director James DeMonaco and produced by Blumhouse, The Purge films are a dystopian governmental horror franchise that presents an America from an alternative timeline where crime and poverty have all but been eliminated because a new annual holiday has been booked for total lawlessness and here we are looking at the full Purge universe timeline in chronological order. On Purge night citizens are allowed to loot, plunder, maim, and murder to their heart’s desire, provided they don’t go after politicians or children. Or use, like, a nuclear bomb. There’s something about class 4 weapons or lower, so we assume a class 5 weapon is a Motherbox or something.

In Purge America, what starts as a social experiment — that the rich privately use to line their pockets and kill those they deem unfit to society — quickly becomes a serious and powerful movement. violence itself becomes its own religion where cleaning one’s soul of its quote-unquote beast is seen as a righteous and godly act and those who perish on Purge Night are seen as great martyrs. So how did this American horror holiday started? Well, we’ll track all that as we explore the Purge timeline in all its chronological, and diabolical, detail. Over four movies and two seasons of a TV show, which includes the original Purge movie, The Purge: Anarchy, The Purge: Election Year, The First Purge, and The Purge TV series.


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