The Range of Themes Used in Online Bingo Games

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As online bingo has developed and been adapted for new technologies, the themes of different online bingo games have become wide-ranging. There are themes to suit all kinds of players, ranging from themes based on TV shows to mythology.


A Wide Range of Options

You may be wondering what online bingo is the best? This will depend on what kind of bingo experience you want, and provider platforms such as Betfair Bingo offer a range of bingo games featuring different themes. For this article, I have picked out some especially eccentric themes that you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with the game of bingo.


Mythology & Culture

Mythology has become an intriguing part of popular culture and it is interesting to see the theme being explored through bingo games. TV shows such as Vikings have garnered further interest in Norse mythology. This has transpired through to casino and bingo games like Champions of Valhalla, which features imagery including battle axes, Viking ships, and armor. Games such as the Age of the Gods are based around Greek Mythology. Age of the Gods features iconography based on Greek gods such as Zeus, Hades, Athena, and Ares.

The use of mythology in bingo games gives such a unique feel to the experience because on the face of it they are so unrelated. This juxtaposition however makes for an encapsulating game of bingo.


From the TV to the Bingo Screen

Some TV Shows have transitioned to the online bingo room very effectively, especially quiz shows. Deal or No Deal is a popular tv show that has been adapted to work well as a bingo room game. Aspects of the show have been combined with the classic game of bingo to make a new hybrid game that fits really well together.

As well as quiz shows, movies, and other tv series have been the inspiration for many bingos and casino games. Some collaborations have even led to officially licensed games being released, introducing fans of the TV shows and movies to the game of bingo.


Fun at the Fairground

Anyone who has been to a theme park like Alton Towers or simply a small traveling town fair will know the appeal of fairground attractions. Fairground rides are often associated with exhilaration, and some bingo games have carried the exciting feeling over by naming their bingo rooms after fairground attractions. Betfair’s bingo rooms contain names such as House of Mirrors, Rollercoaster, and Helter Skelter.

Having the bingo rooms named after the attractions and featuring fairground-based imagery gives off a more fun atmosphere for players and adds more excitement. The experience is not quite the same as being at an actual fairground, but it still makes for a more entertaining game.

The technological platforms that these online bingo games are played on allow for the themes to be so appealing to a variety of players. Smartphones and laptops allow users to have a more engaging experience visually. It is important for the players to keep feeling engaged so they can enjoy themselves, which is why the game providers are creating such a selection of different themes.

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