The ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Setting You Need To Change To Make Movement Less Annoying


I hope you are enjoying the game of the year contender Red Dead Redemption 2 in its opening weekend here, a general complaint is that the game is a bit “clunky” when it comes to its movement systems especially. This shows in a number of ways, like slow-walking through camp, mashing A to sprint and so on.

But there’s one setting you can change to make things a little bit better.

If you go into settings, controls and then scroll down to accessibility you can change running from “hold to run” to “toggle to run” instead. What this does is that when on foot, you no longer have to constantly be holding down A to jog, instead you can just tap it once and your character will run until you stop.

You can also pair this by changing the run button to clicking your left stick, so it’s a bit more like regular games that have click to run as a standard. I myself have just left running on the A button (Xbox), but I know many players may want to do this as well.

It helps a little, but what this does not change is: You still have to hold A down for running while on a horse You still have to tap A repeatedly to sprint on both foot and on horseback It does, however, allow you to “fast crouch walk” on a toggle as well, which I just realized. I am not clear on why there is no option to change sprint to something other than mashing the run button, as this remains one of the most baffling decisions in the game.

While you can change tap register speed in accessible options, I believe this is only for quicktime events (escape the grapple!) and it does not affect how fast you have to tap to sprint. Rockstar says that if you tap in a more rhythmic motion rather than just mashing the button as fast as you can, you will sprint better, but even doing this, you still have to do it pretty quickly, and very, very often.

With most games, I would say that if enough complaint is made about a certain system being disturbing, a developer might choose to patch it in later as an option. But from top to bottom, Red Dead 2 seems to care very little about controls that many people would deem clunky or annoying, so I’m not going to hold my breath for this to happen. But the toggling run is better than not toggling run, that’s for sure.

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