THE ROOM 4: OLD SINS PC Version Trailer is Here!


Fireproof Games revived an oldie from their game series and now they will bring it to PC. This practice of rebuilding their game and taking it to Steam is one they have done for all of their past games, so it’s not shocking that they have done it once again for The Room 4: Old Sins. With the whole series having an amazingly positive rating on Steam and their new game, The Room VR: A Dark Matter, is already getting praise with its release onto PC and PSVR, I hope to see more in this game series to be on the wider platform for puzzle games to have fun with.

After the disappearance of an aspiring engineer and his high-society wife, the search for a precious artifact is provoked amongst collectors such as yourself. After doing the extensive study and search, the path leads you to the attic of their home, and the discovery of an old, unique dollhouse. Could the secrets to getting this artifact lies within the walls of this home? It will take a blend of wit and courage to find the answers behind the mysteries of the mysterious dollhouse.

Access to the PC version of this puzzle game will be starting on February 11th. This is an amazing game to look forward to, doesn’t matter if you played the earlier games! You should be prepared to solve some puzzles and reveal the mysteries within the dollhouse.


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