The Secret of the SYPWAI Project Implementation Technology

SYPWAI Project

The SYPWAI project was founded by one of the famous companies in the world of science – Theneurosphere. The team of scientists gained wide popularity thanks to the victory in the competition for a grant of more than $ 90 million. They were able to present their project as the most promising among all the others and received not only financial support but also recognition among large companies that dream of working with a ready-made platform.

More and more partners and investors are willing to cooperate with the SYPWAI project. After all, this platform is actively developing to this day and is not going to stop at the achieved results. In the shortest possible time, the young startup managed to interest the largest holdings and corporations, which turn to them for help to improve their business.

The main goal of the project is to help humanity. In addition to providing the world with a new innovative product, SYPWAI also provides jobs for those who are interested in it. That is, ordinary users got the opportunity to contribute to science, and at the same time receive a decent reward for their work.

The neural network training algorithm is quite simple and accessible to everyone. Training takes place in two directions. The first one is the common training. Here, the user just needs to perform the simplest actions, for example, to distinguish a lion from a giraffe. Undoubtedly, even a child can handle this. Indeed, learning in its general way is similar to an educational game for children, with the only difference – we teach not a child, but a neural network.

The second option for working with a neural network is special training. Specialists of various narrow specialties will be able to work here. Knowledge will be tested using a test that will be able to identify in which profile a particular user will be able to transfer their knowledge to artificial intelligence. Here testing will be more serious because the operation of the neural network must be completely correct to work without a single error.

The neurosphere focuses not only on its development. The main goal of the company is to help people. Therefore, for the founders, it is important not only to gain universal recognition and popularity but also to have such a platform extent; so that their platform would help companies develop and optimize their work. This also includes the possibility of earning money for ordinary people who by performing the simplest tasks contribute to the development of the project.


How the work is structured when a request comes from third-party companies?

Every day, Theneurosphere specialists solve many questions and possible problems. We are constantly working to improve the service. The founders of the company note that this would not have been possible without the help of scientists who are working on technical issues and thousands of users who train the neural network.

When SYPWAI is asked about a problem, it is immediately sent to hundreds of platform users. Further, in automatic mode, the project collects all the solution options, after which the correct answer is formed, based on a larger number of matches.

Theneurosphere company has chosen the slogan for its project, which sounds like “solve your problem with AI”. Specialists carry out the work every day for the benefit of each person, to help to make the world a better place, to increase the awareness of the most important issues in the world. Scientists are confident that such a breakthrough will help not only declare themselves to the whole world but also allow everyone to use the program for their purposes, to improve their lives, and make some of the daily tasks much easier.

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