THE SHINING-Inspired Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial Starring Bryan Cranston

Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl will be on this weekend and the internet going wild with the big commercials that will air during the game. Super Bowl commercials are the best and I love them a lot! It’s one time of the year where advertisers really have fun and try several things to promote their products.

Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial is promoting its sugar-free Mountain Dew Zero soda. The commercial was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Bryan Cranston is in the iconic role of the ax-wielding maniac.

Your insatiable thirst for DEW just got quenched in a terrifying way: new #MTNDEWZeroSugar! As good as the original, maybe even better? Now with all of the things you love from the original DEW flavor.

The ad recreates iconic scenes from The Shining, but instead of trying to kill his family, Jack Nicholson wants them to try the new Dew. After Cranston whacks his way through the bathroom door he shouts, “Here’s Mountain Dew Zero!”

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