THE SHINING Video Essay Reveal The Invisible Horror Of The Movie


Check out this new fascinating video essay from filmmaker Kristian T. Williams that takes a look into Stanley Kubrick‘s classic psychological horror movie Shining.

Whenever I watch The Shining, It surprises me and I saw things that I never noticed before. This new video points out things that I haven’t noticed before. It concentrates on how music is used to enhance the sense of horror, it’s a method called ‘Mickey Mousing’ and it deals with music movement sync. It is used to represent the actions of the characters.

Kubrick together with a man named Gordon Stainforth, who is the music editor for The Shining chose to use this outdated musical synchronization technique to elicit a sense of horror instead of humor. So rather than using it to solely underline an action like those early cartoons, it’s instead used to illustrate the growing invisible corruptive influence of the Overlook Hotel.

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