The Simpsons Kitchen in Real-Life Home

Even after 26 seasons on the air and still having a strong viewership, The Simpsons fans continue to surprise with their dedication to the animated series created by Matt Groening that launched of Fox back in 1989.

The couple calls the project a “retrovation,” taking the existing layout, cabinets, etc., and using DIY methods to transform the ordinary kitchen into something Simpsonian.

Couple builds The Simpsons kitchen in their real-life home

In addition to hanging the iconic corncob curtains, Andreychuk and Hamilton got a new $20 counter top in matching blue, approximated the tile floor and topped the stove with green contact paper with hopes of buying a new emerald stove down the line. You can also see that they’ve purchased items like utensil holders and cooking tools to match the ones seen on the series. The next project looks to be covering the existing cabinet doors with purple contact paper and installing large blue knobs.

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