The Speed of an AT-AT Walker in STAR WARS Has Been Analyzed


AT-AT Walkers were revealed in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back aren’t as quick as we’ve been told they are. According to Lucasfilm, AT-AT Walkers have a top speed of 60km/h, which turns to about 37 mph.

But now a Star Wars fan has gone further ahead an examined the speed of an AT-AT walker thanks to footage from the movie, and he said that the vehicle is far from being that fast on the terrain.

According to the official stats, “The AT-AT’s rate of stride is not fast, but this fact is mitigated by the immense height of its legs. They can outrun opponents that underestimate AT-AT walking speed.” But as you will see in the video below, that is not correct.

In fact, is so slow that as you saw in the movie, Luke Skywalker keeps up with the giant machine with a jogging speed. The video which you can watch below decides that the AT-AT’s speed ranges from 4.9km/h or 3 mph to 9.5km/h or 6 mph. Check out concluding video below.

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