The Story Behind The Ghostface Mask


Do you ever think about how this scary and iconic mask got into existence? There are some costuming options that were custom-designed for the characters. But in the case of Ghostface, not so much.

While we knew that the idea was to have the mask show the famous Edvard Munch painting, “The Scream,” one of the characters on the cover of the Pink Floyd album “The Wall,” and the ghostly figures that appeared in the 1930s “Betty Boop” cartoons, we now know that the notorious mask wasn’t created by anyone associated with the movie.

In fact, it was completely by chance during a location scout that the mask was found at all. Found in a box of random things in a garage, the mask was then brought back in order to make something look like it. But after many attempts, they finally chose to just get the rights to use the mask.

The ruling by Fun World to let them use the mask was apparently one of their best decisions as they still own the rights to what is now the most sold and worn Halloween costume in America.

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