The Story of Tom Cruise And How He Assassinated His Co-Workers With Post-Its

tom cruise

Director Michael Mann and Tom Cruise’s action thriller Collateral was a brilliant movie and I recently rewatched it again and I realized how wonderful movie it was. It’s definitely one of Cruise’s greatest movies.

Thanks to a recent screening event for the movie at Ava DuVernay‘s theater in Los Angeles, Array 360, we have an enjoyable story to tell about how Mann had Cruise prepare for his role as a hitman. To get into the mindset of the character he was playing, Vincent, he went around killing his co-workers with Post-It notes.

During a special Q&A with director Michael Mann, he explained that he put out mock hits on the people who were working in his office. The director assigned Cruise to take them out and to do that Cruise would stalk his prey for days and get to know their patterns before making his hit. That move was to slap a Post-It on their back and then tell them, “You’re dead.”

I like everything about this! I admire that Cruise was tracking his co-workers like a hitman and then pretend to assassinate them with a Post-It note! I can’t help but think that he had fun time practice to play Vincent in Collateral.

Source: Russ Fischer

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