The Super Challenging 1,000-Piece Color Gradient Puzzle


Research suggests that regularly tinkering with puzzles can help enhance your mood, lower stress, and even improve your IQ

Clemens Habicht’s Colour Puzzle, This 1,000-piece option is a full CMYK color gradient, so each piece is an individual color. The goal is to place related shades together, ending in a full and stunning color spectrum.

Then there’s the halftone puzzle, where each of the 1,000 pieces is composed of teeny, tiny dots of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Match the dot pattern frequencies and rosettes for a truly mind-bending pattern. And if neither of these excites your interest, you can always get the 1,000-piece vibrating puzzle, which is all about complementary colors.

Normally, each puzzle is estimated at $50 but for the next few days, you can buy them for $35.99.

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