The Top 5 Most Accident-Prone Celebrities of 2013

Celebrities are always in the spotlight, whether for their movies, their antics off camera, or anything else about their personal lives. Celebrities deal with mishaps and accidents too. Here are a few picks for 2013’s most accident-prone celebrities so far.

Pop Stars Can Rock Crutches Too

Jessie J. sure did seem to make red carpet and television appearances on crutches a lot. She even made quite a few appearances during the VMA awards show in a cast, crutches, and a diamante corset. Miss J didn’t let her broken foot cancel too many of her tour dates though and she hobbled on in style for about two months rocking it.

Johnny Depp: Lone Ranger

Most Accident-Prone Celebrities of 2013

This handsome star revealed to David Letterman that he had a bit of a mishap on the film set of “The Lone Ranger” while riding his horse. His saddle was arranged to look as if he was riding bareback, so it hadn’t been fastened to the horse too tightly. Depp’s saddle slipped and he fell to the left of the horse, grabbing the reins and its mane. Thankfully it only dragged him for 25 yards or so!

Mickey Rourke: Scarred For Life

This rugged Oscar-nominated actor was scarred for life after a supposedly friendly arm wrestling match went badly. Rourke had to have surgery afterward, but waited six months too long before going through with it. The surgery failed to completely repair the torn tendon muscle. Ouch. Please stick to acting, Mickey.

LaBeouf LaLeg

Most Accident-Prone Celebrities of 2013

So we all remember that Shia LaBeouf had his infamous hand injury during a nasty car accident in July 2009. Luckily he was ok, or we would have had to request the help of an Auto Accident Attorney Milwaukee. Transformers 2 director Michael Bay even had to re-write part of the script to include the injury so it wouldn’t derail the filming schedule. Most recently Shia made an appearance with a walking cast on his left leg on The Late Show with David Letterman. He explained that he had a kickboxing injury, and as always, Shia brushed off the incident with humor by tweeting about Einstein being a fellow klutz.

Twilight Star Looks Extra-Gloomy

Most Accident-Prone Celebrities of 2013

Kristen Stewart looked more miserable than usual when she limped through the Oscars red carpet this year on crutches. Apparently the Twilight star cut her foot pretty badly on broken glass before the prestigious awards ceremony. Poor girl even had to hobble onstage as a presenter for Best Production Design with Daniel Radcliffe. At least she had a reason to look like a sourpuss this time!

So all these stars have proved one thing: no matter how famous you are, you are not invincible to accidents!

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