The Top 5 Video Games that use Online Slots


Slot machines are everywhere. You see them in casinos, you see them online – you even saw them in the original Pokémon Red and Blue versions from back in the day. The diversity of online slot machines, coupled with the sheer thrill of testing your luck means that video games have taken to slots like a duck to water. While you don’t play for real cash in these games, the thrill of wagering your in-game dollars or new-fangled space currency against the luck of the spin is still there. Here are the top 5 games which offer the thrill of an online slot machine, but with a slight twist.



There seems to be no limit as to what you can do in Minecraft – and that includes building a fully functioning, albeit crude, slot machine. Rather than paying out cash, these slot machines pay out whatever gets loaded into the hopper – which could be anything from blocks of dirt to lumps of gold. Since you’re playing online in an entirely player-built world, what you get out of these slot machines is entirely the luck of the draw.


Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a free-to-play game from Halfbrick – the studio behind the once cutting edge iOS title, Fruit Ninja. The idea of the game is that you are Barry, a guy who steals a prototype jetpack and takes it for a spin through a never-ending corridor or scientists, laser traps and missiles – you’ve got to get as far as possible before something trips you up, causing Barry to skid to a halt on his face. As you go, you’ll pass placards highlighting your friend’s personal bests, picking up Spin Coins to drop into the minigame when you lose. This allows you to spin the slots and get all manner of bonus items, from in game currency to buy new character skins and vehicles to extra lives and bomb drops which cause Barry to ricochet further down the corridor of science. Finally, a slot machine which is purely driven by our need to outdo our mates.



Watchdogs received a lot of press for the fact that it’s a game where you walk around the city, performing vigilante acts by hacking things with your trusty smartphone. Fortunately, Watchdogs doesn’t give you the option to hack the slot machines – that would be boring. Instead, it lets you play as you would normally – drop a few dollars in and spin the reels. The twist comes in that as you play, other players can hack into your game and start stealing from you. If you want to play the slots and strike it rich as Adrian Pearce, you’re going to have to stay on your toes in case you need to start a quick manhunt.


Dead Rising 2

One way of making a game of slots more exciting is by playing them in a casino full of zombies. Unfortunately, these zombies have neither a sense of decorum, nor the decency to wait for you to collect your winnings, so if you’re playing offline the chances of you being parted from your jackpot by a herd of hungry zombies are pretty high. On the other hand, if you decide to bring a friend on your online co-op, one of you can stand guard while the other plays the slots, helping you both make your millions. Once one player has had enough of the slots (or runs out of ammo) you can simply swap roles until both of you need to make a dash for your supplies.


Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 contains, without a doubt, the best online multiplayer slot machine experience to ever show face on all of the major consoles. When you’re hanging around town between missions on Pandora you can head down to the local bar and try your hand at the slots. Coins go in and more often than not, guns come out. While this may be surprising at first, their pre-release slogan was “87 bazillion guns just got bazillionider”. However, every once in a while the slot machines would either spit out Eridium, a special currency used for high-level upgrades, or it would spit out a live grenade, laughing as you clamber for the door. The trick here was to get two or three mates online, having saved up a load of cash and hit the slots as a group. When one person won, all four of you received the payout – when one person hit the jackpot, all four of you pick up the Eridium bars you so desperately need. Countless hours were spent in living rooms across the world, playing the slots online with friends, chatting about something completely irrelevant until one person got dropped a live grenade as their prize, making you all pile out the bar post haste. If you’re looking for a brilliant twist on the online slot machine, Pandora is definitely the place to be.

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