The True Meaning Behind Family Portraits

You might think that spending a ton of money on getting a good family portrait done is wasteful. Surely, you have more important things to prioritize after all. You’ve got bills to pay – rent, water, electricity, and other utilities to pay careful mind to. If you’ve got children (which I suppose you have since we’re talking about “family” portraits and all), you also have to think about tuition fees and allowances. There’s definitely no room for needless costs such as a family portrait.

But you know what? I beg to differ.

Family portraits are important – in more ways than one. It’s definitely not a waste of time, effort, and money. If you don’t believe me, then I have a couple of reasons that just might convince you. If you have time, please hear them out.

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  1. It Makes The Home Feel Personal

I don’t know why but whenever I visit homes that have their family portraits posted on their walls, I feel like that family is closer than all others. Their home feels twice as homey two. A portrait may seem like a pretty simple thing but it can hold a lot of emotions and feelings. It can hold the sentiments of the entire family – good, bad, best, or worst. It solidifies the relationship every family member has with each other and it shows just how strong the bond that exists between them is. It’s not just another frilly ornament; it’s something priceless and valuable. If you have the money to buy wall decorations and other paintings, then why not just get your family to pose for your first ever family portrait right? For aspiring portrait photographers, here’s a heart-warming guide:

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  1. It Embeds A Memory In History

They say that the only way to immortalize a memory is if you capture the moment in film or canvass. And I quite agree with this. Images, in general, contain a lot of stories and emotions. They keep memories young and fresh. It’s as if when you look into them, you can remember all the things that happened from the time the picture was taken – like it was just yesterday. Now if that doesn’t give you Goosebumps, then I don’t know what will. Anyway, a family portrait practically freezes a memory in time. It embeds a memory of you and your family in history; it can show the world that sometime, somewhere your family existed in this world. You may cease to exist in the future but if your family portrait survives, someone will definitely make sure your existence is never forgotten.

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  1. It Leaves A Legacy

From reading this, you probably have a good idea of how I am as a person. Yes, I’m sentimental and a bit traditional. So for me, having a family portrait made also means leaving a legacy – a mark for the future. Your family will create more families in succeeding generations and succeeding generations will create even more generations after them. It’s a never-ending process so to speak. Your family portrait can be passed down from one family to another and you will live on in the hearts of your succeeding generations – forever. Now, isn’t that a nice thought? Life is short but legacies live on forever.


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  1. It Serves As A Reminder For The Whole Family

Last but not least, a portrait can serve as a reminder for the entire family. All too often, we become so busy living the life that we forget what matters most. We’re too preoccupied with jobs, school, and hobbies that we forget to spend quality time together. Maybe by having a family portrait at home, the people of the house will be constantly reminded of their roots. A family member can be a total workaholic but when he accidentally passes by the photo, he just might realize how much he is missing out in life. If you’re all too busy to stop and pose for a painted portrait, services like Dave’s On Location Photography can give you quick snaps too.


With all that being said, I hope this changes your idea about family portraits. It’s a great addition to any home. It doesn’t have to be super expensive too, you know. Portraits don’t have to be hand-painted or drawn on the canvas. It can be in the form of a photograph too. If you have a good studio, your family portrait will come out nicely in the film.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up the fellas and snap that perfectly fine portrait today!

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