The Ugly Baby Yoda Christmas Sweater You Were Not Looking For

Ugly Baby Yoda Christmas Sweater

If you’re not looking for an ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t matter we still have one for you, This Baby Yoda-inspired ugly sweater is all sorts of ugly. Some people might not think this sweater is ugly enough. Baby Yoda is looking very cute on the sweater.

The design of the sweater features Baby Yoda in the front with frogs, The Mandalorian helmets, blasters, Christmas trees, and mythosaur emblems are scattered throughout. Also, Mando’s Mudhorn signets are highlighted on both arms.

This is an officially licensed Mandalorian sweater and it’s available to order from here at Merchoid and will cost you $54.99.

‘Away on the Razor Crest, the Client wants him dead. Our little Baby Yoda, had some bone broth before bed…’ The original Christmas story does centre around a baby, so why not Baby Yoda? Now that we think about it, The Mandalorian does seem like a pretty wise man.

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