The Whispermen

The Whispermen

The Whispermen are creepier than ever

Doctor Who seasons 7 DVD extra has been released online, giving us a preview of how Clarence first met The Whispermen.

The Whispermen are a scary new type of Doctor Who villain first introduced in the season 7 finale episode “The Name of the Doctor.”

It was a man called Clarence, imprisoned for murder and awaiting his execution, who first introduced us to the terrifying creatures when he tried to barter with Madame Vastra for his freedom in exchange for space coordinates.

Titled “Clarence and the Whispermen: Finale Prequel” (Clarence is that prisoner dude Madam Vastra [Neve McIntosh] visited in that deep dark wet dungeon/prison thing who had some info to give her about Matt Smith’s Doctor), this extra was found on the Doctor Who season-seven part-two DVDs.

Written by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat (who also penned the finale), this prequel provides a bit more info on Clarence and has the spooky Whispermen paying a creepy visit to our terrified convict.

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