The World’s Craziest Roller Coasters

If you love the fun of the fair then your favorite ride is probably the roller coaster. Over the years the roller coaster has gone from quite a safe and sedate Ferris wheel to something infinitely more exciting. Below is an intro to some of the world’s craziest roller coasters.

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The Nemesis – Alton Towers 

Britain, like many other countries, is still way behind the United States for really scary rides, but the Nemesis at Britain’s Alton Towers still takes some beating. If you are looking for thrills and chills then the unexpected turns and stomach-churning dives are all part of the experience of a ride on this roller coaster.

Thunder Dolphin 

The Thunder Dolphin is located in Japan at the Tokyo Dome City. This ride is different because it is designed around a building in the center of Tokyo. The ride starts with a huge drop and before you’ve had time to get your stomach back off the floor, the ride twists and turns at speeds higher than 80 MPH.

The Piraten 

The Piraten is the fastest and toughest roller coaster ride in Denmark. With 2,500 feet of track and a seventy-degree vertical drop, you’ll be yelling your head off during this ride. In 2008 the Piraten was the world’s fifth-best roller coaster.

Formula Rossa 

The Formula is situated in the Arab state of Abu Dhabi. Some experts see this as currently the wildest roller coaster in the world. This ride has a track speed of up to 240 kilometers an hour, so hang onto your hats and your stomach. You will need to wear safety goggles; this is not a ride for anyone even slightly faint of heart.

The Inferno 

The inferno is located in Spain in the Terra Mittica fun park in Benidorm. The ride is found in the Ancient Rome zone of the park; there is plenty to amuse the entire family. It is one of the two roller coasters that led to ball coasters in Europe.


The Oblivion at Alton Towers is not a ride for the faint-hearted – it was the world’s first dive roller coaster where the cars disappear into a pit. The ride was opened in 1998 but still remains one of the scariest rides around. 

Texas Giant 

The Texas Giant is heralded as one of the tallest roller coasters in the world, not surprising since it is found in a state where everything is larger than life. The roller coaster is a twister style and first started in 1990. Watch out for your insides, this ride has a 79ft vertical drop.

The Nitro 

The Nitro roller coaster is located in Jackson, New Jersey with a drop of 215 feet and a speed of up to 80 miles per hour; this is a really horrifying experience.

The Katun 

The Katun is Italy’s most thrilling ride with a vertical loop and a number of corkscrews and a drop of 147.8 feet. If you like extreme rides, in a park with some unusual themes then this is for you.

The Black Mamba 

From Fantasia Land in Germany comes the Black Mamba. This roller coaster has an African theme as its name implies and takes riders through dark tunnels and deep ravines.

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