There’s Nothing Sweeter Than a Healthy Dose of Instant Karma

 Instant Karma

Today we have a cool video for you, I have to add that watching this video is so much satisfying.

A motorcyclist was riding in the left lane of a two lane road in South Windsor, Connecticut, when the lanes begin to merge.

Car in the right lane decided, whom you can see in the video tried to cut the motorcycle off. After a few beeps and some choice words, the driver didn’t relent.

So the biker, who happened to have a helmet cam recording the whole thing, noted the driver’s license plate number and kept going. Until he saw a police officer parked in a lot just up the road.

After telling the cop what happened, the officer hits the lights and pulls the woman over. She received two tickets. Nothing is sweeter than the instant revenge or instant karma, I am confused which one is better.

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