Thermaltake’s New Case Turns Your PC Into a Work of Art

Thermaltake’s New Case

Thermaltake always creates some amazing custom PC cases that give their owners some very inventive ways of showing off DIY builds and this one excels from all of their previous cases. The open-framed Core P5 will certainly help keep excess heat from becoming a problem for any computer you stick in it. Apart from the fact that it has only has a front and back, the Core P5 is also designed to accommodate a wide range of watercooling setups. It’ll take a radiator nearly half a meter long.

There’s also room on the top side to install a single hard drive. The case can handle three more, but they slide cleverly in between the Core P5’s two large, black metal panels. That helps keep cable clutter to a minimum, and it ensures that more exciting parts — like your massive video card and fancy cooling hardware — are prominently displayed.

Thermaltake’s New Case

The Core P5 can be set up three different ways. Two of those are as a tower or a desktop, which isn’t really a surprise. The third, though, is a bit less traditional: it’s wall-mountable. Sure, you could drill holes and hang just about any case that’s ever been sold, but Thermaltake actually planned for enthusiasts to attach the Core P5 to their walls.

Thermaltake Core P5 is expected to go on sale on October 15th, and they’ve kept a retail price of $169.99 on it over at Newegg.

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