These Custom-Made iPhones Are Made Out of a Rare Apple 1 Computer

Custom-Made iPhones

Check out these amazing one of a kind custom-made iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and they were made from an original and rare Apple 1 computer.

This is insane thinking that in 2014, a rare Apple 1 motherboard, which was one of the first 50 created by the amazing Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs’ family home, was sold by Bohnams at auction for $905,000. These phones aren’t cheap as you can imagine. The iPhone 12 Pro costs $9,990, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs $10,530.

The phones are packed with a real wood finish, a recreation of the original hand-drawn Apple logo, a fake CRT screen made from titanium, and a little piece of the Apple 1 motherboard which is embedded below that.

It’s kind of sad that the fate of one of these original Apple 1 computers ended up like this. I think these phones are ugly, but maybe someone will actually fork over the money to buy one.

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