These Photos Capture Istanbul Beautifully – Here’s How to Recreate Them

Istanbul Photography

First, you want to travel and capture every moment beautifully. Next, you begin wondering which camera to buy for photography so you can get every shot perfectly. Then, you start putting together ways to take the most striking images on your trip. These three sentences represent the stages nearly every travel photographer goes through. 

In this article, we’ll pay specific attention to the third and offer tips to help you get the best photos on your trip. 


Easy Travel Photography Tips

The best travel photos are the ones that take you back to those moments. They allow you to relive the heartwarming feeling of the time. 

To improve your craft, you must carefully look at the best travel photos captured by other photographers. Here are a few from Istanbul, alongside tips you’ll find helpful in recreating them on your trip.

Istanbul Photography

Try Unique Angles

You might have noticed photographers climbing an elevated platform or lying down to get the perfect shot. Usually, they simply try to capture a photo from the best and most unique angle. While it looks a bit silly, it’s worth it if you want to get the most memorable click of your trip. For example, the above photo gives a perfect glimpse of life in Istanbul, all in one picture. 

Istanbul Photography

Pay Attention to the Blue and Golden Hours

When it comes to photography, the perfect lighting and shade are everything. You might have heard about the blue and golden hours if you’re a photographer. The blue hour is when the sky is bluish, just when the sun has gone down the horizon. The golden hour is when the sky looks warm and magical when the sun is not too bright. This is when the sun is a bit low in the sky. To get the best photos, you must either get up early or stay up late to enjoy both times. Look at the above picture from Istanbul—the Topkapi Palace looks magnificent in this lighting.

Istanbul Photography

Use Contrast with Composition

Just pointing and clicking will not help bring out the best images for your travel photography. When photographing a landscape or architecture, make sure to pay attention to creative composition. Playing with colors using contrast and composition can improve the image drastically. This colorful neighborhood in Istanbul is a perfect example of contrast and composition. Balat in Istanbul has brightly colored buildings, making it an ideal photography spot.

Istanbul Photography

Set the Aperture Right

Pictures with a blurry background look classy! You can get this look by using a large aperture and the aperture priority mode on your camera. For example, use an aperture of f/1.8 and focus on an object to create a blurry background. You can achieve the best aperture mode pictures by using a 50 mm lens. This beautiful click shows seagulls flying over the sea on a sunny day in Istanbul. 

You’ll need a lot of practice to become a good travel photographer, but if you’re going on a quick trip, these tips will help you. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology and the advent of social media, we’ve got a lot of new and unique photography techniques. The more photos you take, the more you will learn to get the right angles and know how to compose and capture the best clicks. Now it’s time to click some of your own and show them to the world.

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