These Podcasts Are Perfect For Your Daily Dose Of Intriguing Danger And Well Dissected Politics


It is very important to stay in touch with current affairs, and more and more people are now shifting towards a more convenient source of getting news, which is podcasts. Below, you will find some recommendations available on Podchaser that will help you with your daily news and facts updates along with a hint of danger to keep you entertained.

Also, with the rise of podcasts, people have started looking at them not only as a source of information but also as a space for creativity and entertainment. Most people love thrillers and suspenseful content, which is why the true-crime genre is on the rise.

With this, people have started referring to podcasts for the same. This is why Podchaser also has a variety of thrilling and intriguing podcasts available for its listeners.


1. Casefile Podcast

The Casefile Podcast is a true-crime podcast that talks about real crimes that have happened around the world, and it involves the real people of the case. In each episode, they pick a certain criminal incident that is unusual in nature, different from any other crimes that have been committed in the past.

Throughout the entire series, the host of the show remains anonymous and has a pseudo name called Dean Laffan, who takes his users through the entire case. The show ensures absolutely intriguing content, and throughout the episode, the listeners are left on the edge of their seats.

The cases involve mystery, suspense, and all other things that involve murder, robberies, rape cases, and any other crime one can imagine. These types of shows are extremely appealing to a certain audience, and many are attracted to the suspense it creates with the help of great writing and amazing narration. This show aces it all.

The best episodes of the show include ‘The East Area Rapists‘ and ‘The Moors Murders,’ which have had more than one part released already. The writer of the show is Anna Priestland, and the editor is Mike Migas. The show has over 150 episodes. A new episode comes out every week.

If you are someone who enjoys watching crime and thriller movies, you should definitely give it a shot and listen to his podcast. It will be an entirely different experience, and you will feel a whole new level of excitement as the case unravels.


2. The Daily

This is a podcast by The New York Times that is mainly aimed towards delivering current news and happenings of the world in a quick pace. The Daily is hosted by Michael Barbaro, who talks about the things that are constantly changing in the world, right from politics, culture, science and technology, entertainment, and society.

The best part about this show is that it airs every five days of the week, exactly at 6 am. The average duration of one show is about 20 minutes long, and hence it works very well for people who are short on time.

You can listen to the podcast after you get up in the morning, right before you start your day. Or, you can listen to it on the way to work or while returning home. The point is, the duration is so short that it is very easy to spare some time every day and catch up on all the news around the world.

The latest episodes of the show include detailed coverage on the coronavirus, and some guests include Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is an American physician and immunologist. Another guest is Nicholas Fandos, who is an American journalist. With guests like these, the podcast tries to understand situations related to politics, the government, and society in general.

3. Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished is what some people call an investigative true-crime podcast that is hosted by Payne Lindsey, who is an Atlanta filmmaker and Robert Ricotta, who is a voice actor, writer, and producer of the same show.

The episodes of this show are about half an hour-long, and a new episode is released every week. It takes its listeners through a journey of intrigue and suspense that is extremely well narrated.

The host dissects the cases, the victims and suspects involved, and the overall situation of the case in a very well manner. It is easy to understand, and you will be hooked on to the show even before you know it.

Some of the best episodes of the show include ‘Everyone is a Suspect,’ that is related to Murder On the Orient Express, a famous novel, and movie, another episode is about the Zodiac Killer. These episodes are very well crafted and have great reviews online. It is known as one of the best true-crime podcasts running currently and has over 130 episodes so far.

4. The Gist

The Gist is a daily news podcast that is much like The Daily, the podcast by The New York Times. It is hosted by Mike Pesca, who is a voice actor, journalist, and podcaster.

The Gist focuses on news concerning politics, the economy, culture, society, and entertainment. Many of the episodes also include information regarding science and technology.

The podcast engages mostly in daily news reporting and the things happening in the world of politics, science, and arts. Any new developments in these are meticulously fact-checked, organized, and reported in a well-presented manner on this show.

Viewers can be sure to remain well-informed regarding any current affairs that are essential to keep tabs on with the help of this show. Some of the show’s best episodes include ‘The Handmaid’s Fall,’ ‘Kevin Williamson Dies By the Sword,’ and a few other comedy podcasts.

It is a very versatile show where a listener can find all sorts of content very easily. Some of the famous guests on this show include Adam Gopnik, who is an American writer and essayist, and Cailin O’Connor,  who is a science philosopher, writer, author, and professor.

The show has a new episode coming out every week and has over 1,700 episodes so far, which is enough to tell that it is a raging hit and a very important source of news for a lot of people.


With the help of the above podcasts, you will not only be in touch with the current news and information but also find a great source of entertainment. Here at Podchaser, users do not only use podcasts for daily updates but have also made it the prime source of their entertainment by listening to the above true-crime and other genres of podcasts.

When you go through the several options available, you will definitely find one podcast that interests you and also fits well with your requirements. So, without any further delay, start exploring with the help of these recommendations, and then find a podcast that you love.

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