The Only Thing You Missed In FRIENDS And It Is The Most Important


FRIENDS is the only show which I have seen a million times and still do — I know people in real life and online who do the same. I know people who can code while FRIENDS playing on the TV!!. Today Guys at Buzzfeed solved the biggest mystery for me regarding the show, Why and how in FRIENDS they can always get the sofa in Central Perk? Why there is no one already sitting on it or they have to wait for the sofa like we do in Costa or Starbucks?

Well now it is been solved and it will blow your mind!!!

A lot of it takes place in Central Perk, a busy New York Coffee shop.


But if Central Perk is so busy – which it is – how does everyone always manage to get a seat at their favourite sofa? You can see how they did it in these paused moments.


Nope? Can’t see it?


They RESERVED their table, all the time. It was literally right in front of our eyes for ten whole series.



I Cannot believe it, I Missed it for so long!

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