Things You Missed In The Venom Trailer


At long last, the first full trailer for Venom has arrived. The film, which focuses on Tom Hardy as journalist Eddie Brock, is the second big-screen appearance of every comic fan’s favorite alien symbiote. After the first brief teaser of the film conveyed more about the tone of Venom than its actual content, fans finally have their first real look at what this movie will be about, and, more importantly, what Venom’s iconic costume is going to look like this time around.

The Venom trailer shows us glimpses of Hardy’s Brock, the villainous Life Foundation, and plenty more. Amid the explosions, alien symbiote attacks, and sinister narration, there are a number of key plot points and details the trailer offers that you might’ve missed the first time around. Check out some of the tiny details you may have missed in the trailer…

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