This Is How You Can Disable The Annoying Autoplay Previews on Netflix

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It is annoying whenever you load up Netflix and previews for the shows and movies start playing all by themselves it scared me at times at night because my Soundsystem always turns on at some middle default audio level, I have to read how to turn that off as well. It is really annoying to me, which is why I’m really happy and thankful to Netflix that we users can disable the autoplay feature now finally!. You have to log in to Netflix via a web browser, go to Manage Profiles, select the profile you want to disable the autoplay previews on, and then uncheck the “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.” That’s it! Simple.

I am so comfortable with this feature now, Finally, my kids and wife won’t be up when I sneak out to start my night binge of Locke and Key. There have been so many times when I didn’t realize how loud my audio system is until preview jumped out blaring loud enough to wake up the neighborhood. Now, I can have all the time I need to get set up for a show or movie and not be nervous about annoying anyone with those useless previews.


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