This is What You Get in Queens, NY For $828K Right Now

Queens, NY

You might be thinking, “that looks quite nice!”. but when I ventured into the photo gallery to get a look at the interior it was like a nightmare.

Currently listed for $828,888 USD, this single-family home in Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY features 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms covered 2,640 square feet of living space.

Queens, NY Queens, NY Queens, NY

This is a teardown and you’re buying land. But WHY are there so many interior photos? I think just the three above would have sent the message about the health of the property, but there’s more, so many more.

Queens, NY Queens, NY Queens, NY Queens, NY

My theory is that the agent wants to strongly deter potential buyers wanting to actually see the interior and rather than field a bunch of showing requests, took these pics so only investors and builders will examine the property and look at the lot and position to decide if it’s a good investment.

Queens, NY Queens, NY Queens, NY Queens, NY

If you have $800K and want a property in 50-18 196th Street in Fresh Meadows, Queens, This can be yours! Check out the official listing for more information.

Check out the video tour with commentary from Louis Rossmann.

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