This is Where Movies Get Their Vintage Electronics, Watch This Video to Find Out

Vintage Electronics

Check out this awesome video about the vintage electronics and where they come from in the movies and shows we watch these days. This video shows one such place where you can get all your vintage electronics if you are making a movie or tv show, and this store has all the variety of tech electronics.

All the radios, televisions, telephone, computers, VCRs, cameras, and gaming systems you see on screen come from a place just like this, if not this one itself. This is the LES Ecology Center in Brooklyn, and it houses over 2000 items that have been collected and donated over the years. The re-use technicians know their stuff, as they are able to hear just the year a show or movie is taking place, and are able to equip them with exactly the technology that was around then. They’ve provided pieces for many projects, including SNL, The Americans, Orange is the New Black, and many more. Watch the video below and see how many things you can recognize from your grannies house.

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